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From ancient hair straightening to sedu hair irons
by: Paton Jackson
Over the last year sedu hair iron has become a brand name of hair irons. Itsí sales grows every month and it is probably the best seller ever among hair irons.
But what makes it so popular?
To answer this question we will have to start form the very beginning of hair irons.
Hair irons are only one type of tools or methods of hair straighteners. Marcel Grateau is considered the inventor of hair irons.
A hair iron is an instrument which is used to change formation of the hair using heat. Most hair iron are used for the purpose of straightening and some are used for the purpose of curling the hair.
Marcel Grateau actually invented a tool made of metal used to purposes of hair care using heat. This tool helped straightening the hair causing less damage than prior hair straightening techniques.
Years after the invention of Marcel Grateau, people have found ceramic and electrical straighteners and called them hair irons. The hair irons became very popular in the western world in the past few years. We must raise the open question about the damages that hair irons must cause. It is crucial to follow the instructions of using hair irons and not over use them.
As mentioned in the beginning of this article sedu hair iron considered the best hair iron nowadays. It is rated the best hair straightener and preferred by the leading hair stylists around the world. It has patented ultra smooth ceramic plates which guarantee straightening without hair pulling or breaking and most important it does not cause if used properly hair fall out.
One of the best advantages of the sedu hair iron compares to other hair irons is that it brings the desired outcome faster. Actually, it cuts the hair straightening time in half thanks to his unique technology (high concentration of negative ions).
New tools for hair straightening are introduced to the market every year. We suggest you make a brief research about your needs and the best product to fit them. You must devote attention to the safety and damages each product might result. The best way to do it is consulting experts or other women like you on message boards on the internet.
The most important thing is for you to be healthy and happy. Your appearance is secondary to them. Enjoy your life.

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